“This is 1010 wins. You give us 10 minutes, we will give you the world. In midtown Manhattan today, a flustered maid of honor named Sharon is in a lurch. She is late for her best friend’s wedding at the Plaza Hotel because she is unable to locate a key piece to the bridal party—her white mink stole. She was required to wear the stole as part of her wedding duties. It might be in a New York City taxi, it was last seen at the rehearsal dinner last night. Have you seen it?”

This is a true story.

My childhood best friend asked me to be the maid of honor in her February wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Without hesitation, I said yes! She had been a good friend to me since she moved to my town in north Jersey when we were seven. Her family regularly took me on vacations and included me in everything. They were like my second family. So I felt like this was a great way to sort of repay her for taking care of me. She was there when I had my first kiss, she was there behind the door coaching me how to use feminine products; you know the typical teenage best friends.

The scene of the incident

Well the night of her rehearsal dinner came. This is where the incident happened. The rehearsal dinner was at a beautiful venue on Fifth Avenue with high museum-like ceilings, pillars galore. We were greeted with champagne. It was a big deal for me as a 20-something trying to make it in New York as a PR exec by day and a waitress by night. I started to warm up a bit after a few glasses of that bubbly though!

Half way through the night, my friend pulled the bride’s maids aside and gave us all our bride’s maids gifts. In most cases, the gifts are simple thank yous for being a part of her day like a little necklace or a bracelet. I opened the large, perfectly wrapped box. Inside was a beautiful, thick, white, furry mink stole with a black satin ribbon to match our dresses. It was really exquisite.

She warned, “Now you have to take good care of these because you need to wear them tomorrow.” By this point I had a few cocktails in me and was feeling no pain. In fact, I was having a great time mingling and put the stole aside and went back to hang out at the party.

Uh oh

I woke up the next morning a little hung over with a start not long before I had to show up at the Plaza for make-up and hair. SHIT. I thought, I don’t think I came home with my mink stole last night. I ran out of my tiny bedroom and into my tiny New York City living room and I saw my dress on the floor crumbled up along side of my shoes and purse, but the mink stole was nowhere to be found. I am not the most organized person so I tore through my apartment in case I put it somewhere.

With not much time left to spare, I tried to focus on piecing together my night. I thought maybe I left it in a taxi cab going home. So in a desperate attempt, I called the NYC taxi cab commission as though I was calling 911. I told them the entire story… how I needed the mink stole for a wedding that I was the maid of honor for and asked if anyone turned it in. They probably thought I was crazy. They encouraged me to call the New York City Police non-emergency line.

The dispatcher on the other end with a thick New York accent said, “Can you describe the stole? White? Mink? Ok got it. We will put our best people on it. Yeah sure.” They obviously didn’t know the predicament I was in!

As time was counting down, I gathered myself, and called my friend’s mom. She said the stole was custom made so we couldn’t just buy another one and we were running out of time with the wedding starting soon. She did mention that on the upside, it was 0k to have one a different color since I was the maid of honor, but not ok to have none at all. So we started to call any store in the city that was open and that would carry a stole. I let her know that I understood that I was covering the cost of the new stole. The cost was probably what I made in a month.

In the meantime my roommate came out of her room and said she had heard on the story on the radio that a girl named Sharon lost a mink stole and needed it for a wedding at the Plaza Hotel the next day. It was MY story! They changed my name to protect my innocence. I couldn’t believe it! My story had made the news. That only increased the severity of the situation

I hadn’t even showered from the night before and my makeup was still glued to my face. All of the other bride’s maids were at the hotel already when I hailed a taxi to Bergdorf’s to purchase the new stole. I was about to buy it with my credit card, when one I got a call that the stole had been recovered. One of the bride’s maids was leaving the venue at the end of the night and saw it….and failed to mention it to anyone as I was flustering like an idiot.

Something blue

I showed up to the brides maids room Plaza Hotel to get ready for the wedding and there I saw my friend looking ravishing with her up do and silk robe getting her lashes put on surrounded by the other bridesmaids who also had they perfectly coiffed dos and make up as I show up sweaty with a dry mouth and slightly hung over from the night before. By then my friend had found out what had happened. She was pretty calm about it. I think her something blue was a Valium.

After I hurriedly got my act together and looked the way an MOH should look, I stood up on the alter at the beautiful 5th avenue cathedral with her that day. I was holding her very heavy bouquet of red roses smiling, remembering why she chose me… because someone needed to hold the flowers. Just kidding, we had a lot of goofy child hood memories too. It’s always an honor to be asked to be the maid of honor… and that was the last time anyone asked me to take that post.